Mind-Ful(l) of Nature

Nature connection is at the heart of everything mindfulness-related, and mindfulness practices are inherently interlinked with nature, and our place as part of it. I believe that the more we connect with our inner nature, the more we connect with the natural world around us.

I am currently setting up.
The workshop outlines below are examples of what will be on offer from Summer 2022.

Mindful Hour Guided Walk

An evening walk around Culag Woods. Slow down and take part in nature immersion activities to rest, relax and unwind, while connecting deeply with the woodland and seashore environment.

Wild Wellbeing Day Retreat

Spending the day outside in a woodland environment, this retreat offers the opportunity to slow down and connect with the self and wider world around us…

Examples of activities that might be included in the day (depending on weather, group dynamics and individual preferences):

  • Setting up base, including putting up shelters.
  • Mindful exploration and forest bathing activities
  • Yoga Nidra and other guided practices
  • Foraging and wild tea making
  • Creative activities

Woodland Dreams Workshop

Create your very own woodland & seashore themed dreamcatcher, while learning all about the amazing world of dream and sleep. An optional Yoga Nidra practice is offered at the end of the workshop, if weather allows.

Mindful Nature Photography

Explore the woodlands with your camera, while learning how to improve your technique. All cameras welcome, whether they be phone, point-and-shoot, bridge or DSLR. Mindful practices will be woven into the session to offer a wholesome nature-connection experience, where capturing photos is just one aspect of this immersive workshop.

Although this workshop is aimed at simple techniques to improve photograph-taking, I can offer additional tuition on functionality of bridge and DSLR cameras where this is helpful.

Meet the [Feathered] Neighbours

A half day family-friendly workshop that involves games and activities to get to know familiar songbirds and their behaviours. After the workshop you will be able to identify some of our feathered neighbours by both sight and sound, and understand aspects bird evolution, behaviour and ecology. Workshop is high-energy and involves group theatrics, so be prepared to get involved and active!

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