Guided practices

Before playing a guiding, make sure you are sitting or lying somewhere comfortable and quiet. If sitting, ensure your feet are flat on the ground. You want to find the sweet spot in your posture where you are neither slouching nor rigid. Meditation teacher Jack Kornfield calls it “sitting with a sense of dignity”. See if it is possible to sit without resting against the back of a chair, but ultimately, sit in a way that is most comfortable for you. Rest your hands comfortably on your lap (if sitting) or by your side (if lying).

Note: to download a practice, right click the “download” button and select “save as”.

Introduction to mindfulness of breath practice – 5 minutes

Introduction to mindfulness of sensation practice – 5 minutes

Body scan practice – 14 minutes

If you feel comfortable doing so, lay down for this practice.

Mindful eating practice – 3 minutes

For this practice get a small piece of food that you enjoy that you are also happy to hold in your hand. Put it on a plate, resting on a table in front of you and play the guidance.


Dreams of Awakening, Charlie Morley

This is my go-to book for lucid dreaming guidance. The narrative places lucid dreaming within the larger context of dream and sleep, interwoven throughout with a history of dream practice, primarily focused around Tibetan Buddhism, while also bringing in neurology and psychotherapy elements too. This makes for a fascinating read that has nurtured a deep respect for sleep and an understanding that, rather than dream control, a lucid dream is a powerful union between conscious awareness and the unconscious mind, enabling the co-creation of incredibly nourishing experiences. Charlie’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and I find the anecdotes and examples from his experiences and dreaming practices helpful and inspiring.


Dream Decoding, Florian Divi

At first glance, dreams might appear bizarre, non-sensical and even ridiculous, but they are actually speaking in a different language of abstract symbols and imagery. Dreams often carry meaningful insights and messages for the dreamer. Through his Dream Decoding Drawing technique, fellow lucid dreaming CPD graduate, Florian Divi, offers a valuable resource to understanding dreams and developing an intimate relationship with your dreaming mind.

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